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Behind  the glasses 

Eye Of The Beholder Eyewear specializes in bringing genuine and exclusive vintage sunglasses and optical frames for men and women. All our frames are authentic vintage eyewear called new old stock eyewear, The word dead stock refers to old  frames that were never worn  .


We carry an array of styles, shapes and colors from the most well known European eyewear designers such as Neo style and Cazal from Germany. Silhouette; from Austria.  Yves saint Laurent; Christian Dior;Michel Atlan Eyewear ; Michele Lamy & Traction Production; Optiline and Lunettes Gerard from France.


Our styles are the most popular and trendiest in today's optical industry. Some of the trendiest are the geek style glasses, known as "geek chic," along with retro preppy, Mad Men, and cat eye glasses. Please browse through out  our web site

and keep in mind, we are constantly adding new models and colors and updated silhouettes.

If you don't find what you want, please call us at 213 700 3838, and we will try and special order your frame. You can also drop us a note in the contact us space located at the bottom of products pages but most importantly make sure to bookmark our website address for future easy access:


Please follow us on Facebook  and Instagram by just typing or michelatlanEyewear.


Thank you for visiting our site. 

The Creative Force 

Behind Michel Atlan's Collection

Michel Atlan was born and raised in Lyon, France. At a young age he chose the artistry of cabinet making and became star pupil of a well known French “Ebéniste”, where he quickly learned the essential skills of fine woodworking. At age twenty, he left France to join his two older brothers who had settled in Los Angeles, CA. There he joined forces with them in establishing a successful garment manufacturing business. After many years in the garment industry, Michel decided to return to his first love of fine woodworking, which remained a hobby that he proudly practiced, making beautiful and original French country furniture for his own pleasure. He quickly made a name for himself among the elite stars, stylists, and designers of LA and Beverly Hills. Michel’s extensive background in design paired with his keen eye for detail has translated beautifully in the outset of Eye Of The Beholder Eyewear in Spring of 2008. Later in 2010, his own creativity and a sharp eye for the eye wear trend, fueled the development and the Out set of his own Los Angeles home grown collection, Michel Atlan Eye wear.

That is genuine to his own, creating high quality optical wear with a subtle Nouveau chic Touch, giving each and  every model its own individual and unique look and personality.


Have The Audacity To be Different, But Be fearful To Be Like Everyone else.
 Be Aware When you are  Passionate
about Something, One day or The Other that passion  catches Up with you.

    Why Michel Atlan eyewear ?


  • Michel Atlan Quality – Handmade Quality.

  • Michel Atlan Warranty – One year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Michel Atlan Style – Classy and sexy glasses with a trendy yesteryear's look.

  • Finest Materials Including – Premium acetate stock.

  • Attention to Details – Detailed shapes , Unique exotic colors and irreproachable craft & fit.

  • Michel Atlan History – Over 13 years in business.

  • Celebrity Customers Including – Fashionistas from around the world.

  • Michel Atlan collection- Many unique shapes and styles all handmade.

  •  Carrying the Michel Atlan Eyewear collection due to its unique craft, is a selection, not a choice and Becoming a brand  of excellence within the dispensary of all optical Professionals carrying this fast growing and fabulous collection of eye-wear.

  • Thank you .

  • Michel . A

Did you enjoy the collection, and are interested in knowing more about it?


Please contact us today and inquire about the unique Michel Atlan eyewear Collection.

Thank You .

 To reach out to us, please free to use any of those contacts or the feed back form below to drop us a Note And we will reply to you At our earliest, Thank you.


6111 West Saturn Street.#1

Los Angeles, Ca 90035

Call: (213) 700-3838
 Fax: (323) 954-9999

                Send us a message
          and we’ll get back to you shortly.



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